Posted by: maboulette | May 8, 2017

Two Sealed Indictments in FBI Investigation into Donald Trump’s Russia Scandal

FBI Indictments

For the past two weeks many news and blogs has been bringing you the unfolding story of two federal grand juries underway in Donald Trump’s Russia scandal, one focused on a RICO case and the other focused on a FARA case. The grand jury story has continued to gain traction by the Palmer Report, and in the past two days it’s also been reported on by Keith Olbermann and Joy Reid. Now comes words of two sealed indictments


The grand jury story was first posted by Democratic political insider Claude Taylor, who got it from an inside source. The story was then confirmed by Republican political insider Rick Wilson, who had gotten it from his own sources on the opposite side of the aisle. Now Taylor says two sources are confirming to him that “there are at least two sealed indictments.” He goes on to state that his source hasn’t told him whom the indictments are aimed at, but that his own guesses are Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort. So where does this leave things?


Sealed indictments mean that the individuals named in those indictments can be arrested at any time once the indictments are unsealed. In other words, the FBI has gotten what it wanted and needed from the judicial branch; FBI Director James Comey recently confirmed in public testimony that his agency is working with the federal court in the Eastern District of Virginia. But this does not mean that arrests are imminent. The indictments were sealed for a legal or strategic reason, and they’ll remain that way until that reason changes.


Presumption continues to be that the FBI’s strategy has been to bust Donald Trump’s underlings for their alleged crimes, in an effort to get them to flip on Trump himself. These two indictments are a sign that the FBI has what it needs and is merely getting its ducks in a row before those busts begin.



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