Posted by: maboulette | May 8, 2017

Trump Gave $10 Million in Russian Money to Chaffetz When He Leaked FBI Letter


Now that Jason Chaffetz has announced he won’t seek reelection to Congress and has revealed that he may resign early to take a job in the private sector, it’s given credibility to a report last week that Russia has been blackmailing Chaffetz and the FBI knows about it. That’s also boosted by another report that a former Chaffetz staffer has confirmed the FBI investigation. But now comes another report which – if true – helps explain much of what took place during the 2016 presidential election.


The latest report comes from Lisa Garner from the site Reason and Justice, who claims that the Jason Chaffetz campaign “took $10mil donation from Trump the same day he leaked Comey letter” , a claim which Daily Kos is presenting as plausible . This may initially sound absurd, and this claim isn’t corroborated elsewhere, but it does fit with some of the other details coming from more proven sources. For instance the former Chaffetz staffer asserts that the FBI is investigating him for “campaign finance fraud. And last week’s report asserted that the “fraud” in question involved Russia. Put those together and you have Chaffetz being busted by the FBI for illegally taking Russian money.


It would also explain why Jason Chaffetz took the risk of leaking James Comey’s letter about Hillary Clinton’s emails on October 28th, a plainly improper move that’s subsequently made him the subject of various ethics inquiries. Chaffetz had been hemming and hawing in his support of Donald Trump all along, and his decision to leak the letter before the election always seemed suspicious. As the chair of the House Oversight Committee, it would seemingly have been more advantageous for Chaffetz to sit on the letter until the day after the election, then use it as an excuse to resume his years of investigations into President Hillary Clinton. But if he had $10 million waving in his face, it’s a different story.


It’s been pointed out that it would have been completely illegal for Trump to donate $10 million to the Jason Chaffetz campaign. But that’s not an argument against the legitimacy of this premise. It’s actually an argument that bolsters it, as Chaffetz is now under FBI investigation for campaign finance fraud. It’s also notable that Trump made the out-of-character move of donating $10 million of his own money to his campaign, which was announced on October 29th – one day after Chaffetz leaked the Comey letter. Is that the same $10 million that supposedly made its way to Chaffetz? And considering that Trump was allegedly the recipient of hundreds of millions of dollars of Russian money laundered through Deutsche Bank did this $10 million flow from Russia to Trump to Chaffetz?


Although the sourcing is rather solid that the FBI is investigating Jason Chaffetz for Russia-related campaign finance fraud, we can’t yet verify the part about the $10 million flowing from Russia to Trump to Chaffetz after he leaked the letter. But if that part does prove true, it’ll help explain much of what was going on in the final days of the election – and it would certainly explain why Chaffetz is suddenly cutting and running in the midst of what had been a still-rising political career.


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