Posted by: maboulette | May 6, 2017

Sally Yates Finally Has a Definite Date for Testifying Publicly In Trump-Russia Hearings – Get Your Popcorn Ready

Sally Yates

Trump has tried to stop Sally Yates by firing her. He’s tried to stop her by sending one of his patsies to disrupt her initial testimony date. But at this point Trump has run out of ways to stop Yates, and it’s time to get your popcorn ready, because now she finally has a confirmed date for testifying in public hearings in Trump’s Russia scandal.


Sally Yates was the acting Attorney General when she tried to warn Trump that his National Security Adviser Michael Flynn was dirty on Russia. Days later Trump fired Yates and kept Flynn. Trump only later unenthusiastically discarded Flynn after his crimes leaked out publicly. Since that time, Congress – and the public – has been enthusiastic to hear Yates tell her side of the story. But she hasn’t done any interviews, instead electing to wait until she was called on to testify.


Yates was initially supposed to testify a month ago before the House Intelligence Committee, but Trump sent its chairman Devin Nunes on a self-immolating wild goose chase to try to make sure it didn’t happen. Now that Nunes has been forced out of his own investigation, House Intel has announced that it will indeed bring in Yates to testify – on a not yet revealed date, after it first takes another crack at FBI Director James Comey. But in the meantime, a different committee has given Yates a firm date to testify, and it’s very soon.


The Crime and Terrorism Subcommittee of the Senate Judiciary Committee has confirmed via its official website that Sally Yates and retired Director of National Intelligence James Clapper will both be testifying on Monday May 8th. It’s not yet confirmed that the hearings will be televised, but they are public; the subcommittee’s website is promising to broadcast live video of the testimony. In other words, you have less than a week to get your popcorn ready.


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