Posted by: maboulette | May 4, 2017

Intel Community Catches Trump on Tape Committing Obstruction Of Justice on Russia


Some of the details of Donald Trump’s long term plan to weaken the investigation into his Russia scandal have been in plain sight all along. He added Congressman Devin Nunes to his transition team in order to woo him into later sabotaging his own committee’s probe, and so on. But now comes word from the intelligence community that Trump has been caught on tape talking about trying to shut the Russia investigation down.


Trump’s various tries at sabotaging the Russia investigation have been done in such enough of a hands-off method that it’s been impossible to fully pin any of it on him. His patsy Nunes is now under ethics investigation for it, and his other seeming patsy Jason Chaffetz just announced the end of his own congressional career. But getting these things to stick to Trump has been difficult, as others have taken the fall for him. However that may have just changed in its entirety.


According to Washington insider Claude Taylor, the Intel community has “Trump on tape talking about trying to shut down investigation” adding that “It was overseas call and was picked up by friendly IC and provided to investigators.” This is a big deal, both in terms of the investigation itself and in the court of public opinion.


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