Posted by: maboulette | April 30, 2017

Report Card for Trump’s First Hundred Days

new trump 2

Trump and his alter ego!

 U.S. Congressman Ted Lieu never hesitates to call out Trump during the course of the past hundred days. Lieu has introduced legislation aimed at taking away Trump’s nuclear launch codes, and he’s also slammed Trump for having a “fake Press Secretary.” Now that we’re reaching the hundred day mark, Lieu has issued a report card on Trump – and let’s just say it’s not exactly full of passing grades.




 He gives Trump several grades in various subjects, ranging from A-plus to F. For instance Trump gets a C-minus in English for overuse of all caps, inventing the word “bigly,” and not knowing how to spell anything in his tweets (we recommend Twitter for Dummies). Trump also gets a D in Math for not understanding that a tax cut for the wealthy can’t magically “pay for itself” (we recommend Math for Dummies).


 Lieu is more generous in the Physical Education category, where he gives Trump an A-plus for getting so much exercise by constantly playing golf instead of doing his job. However, Trump receives an F in both Science and the Works Well With Others category, with the latter grade being explained that he “appears to only work well with Russians” (we recommend The Plot to Hack America).

 This is not the first time in which Congressman Ted Lieu has issued confrontational words or actions in Trump’s direction. For instance Lieu introduced legislation to try to get a psychologist installed in the White House and has also asserted that the Trump administration just “makes shit up” as it goes along.


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