Posted by: maboulette | April 30, 2017

Grand Juries Underway in Trump’s Russia Scandal


Last night it was report to the public of an inside source affirming that multiple grand juries are underway in Trump’s Russia scandal, with one of them nearing conclusion. Now another source stemming from the other side of the political aisle is relying on different inside sourcing to confirm the same thing.


The storyline states twenty hours ago when Washington insider Claude Taylor from the Bill Clinton White House tweeted that his inside source had told him that two grand juries have convened” and that “one is almost complete” . Then this evening, longtime Republican strategist Rick Wilson responded to Taylor with a single definitive word: “same” Taylor then went on to explain that he and Wilson had not communicated on this matter and were not relying on each other’s sourcing.


Considering that Wilson and Taylor are from opposite sides of the political aisle, it’s nearly a given that they’re not accidentally and unknowingly relying on the same source. That means this story is now confirmed from multiple sources and can be treated accordingly. So what does it mean for Donald Trump and his Russia scandal?

Grand juries nearly always return indictments. The standard for an indictment is merely that there are reasonable grounds for a case, and prosecutors don’t waste their time convening a grand jury unless they already have the evidence to demonstrate those grounds. So this means that multiple indictments are on their way in the Trump-Russia scandal, and one of them is coming very soon.

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