Posted by: maboulette | April 28, 2017

Does Our President Have A Problem with His Brain Or Is He Just Stupid

Trump today

A recently revealed poll show that 98% of voters for Trump said they regret the choice.  This is a number that’s too hard to believe and it infuriates me.  Especially when we could have had a president who was smarter than almost anyone who ever ran for the office.   No matter who you talk to Trump’s first 100 days have been a test for the republic we live in.  He is ignorant, and in-compliant on what the president can and can’t do. 


At the center of this administration is a chief executive who knows absolutely nothing.  You can tell when he knows no details because he starts using his mental superlatives such as “very, very” or “tremendous” or “terrific” – I can’t stand listening to this arrogant man talk.  And he comes across as not very smart.  When he is struggling to answer issue-oriented details; he walks away leaving me thinking that he is scatter brained, and barely coherent. And what man, smart man runs his company by Twitter – Trump gets mad at someone and the entire world knows about it because he has a twitter storm like a teenager who is mad at his girlfriend. We have a president who talks to the world by Twitter; doesn’t this bother you?


He can’t talk without making big mistakes – for example the last time he talked about Syria, he told Fox Business that he had bombed Iraq, and he didn’t know how many missiles he used 59 or 79.


And he apparently thinks that the United States government, along with Social Security and the Pentagon are “companies”- 2 of the 3 largest companies in the world.  In our country government and government agencies are not companies; nor do they operate anything like a company.


If we lived in times that were normal and if our president was halfway normal, this following quote would have erupted into a major scandal – especially if the president was a Democrat.  Trump can apparently get away with madness like this:

Interviewer: And that’s one of the difficulties I think presidents have had is that you can have these personal relationships with people from the other party, but then it’s hard to actually change how people vote or change how people —

 Trump: No I have; it’s interesting; I have, seem to get very high ratings. I definitely. You know Chris Wallace had 9.2 million people; it’s the highest in the history of the show. I have all the ratings for all those morning shows. When I go, they go double, triple. Chris Wallace, look back during the Army-Navy football game; I did his show that morning. It had 9.2 million people. It’s the highest they’ve ever had. On any, on air, [CBS News’ “Face the Nation” host John] Dickerson had 5.2 million people. It’s the highest for “Face the Nation” or, as I call it, “Deface the Nation.” It’s the highest for “Deface the Nation” since the World Trade Center, since the World Trade Center came down. It’s a tremendous advantage. 


Nothing, nothing in that answer is on the subject – what is wrong with him?




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