Posted by: maboulette | April 27, 2017

Jared Kushner Target of Senate Intel Committee in Trump-Russia Scandal

Jared Kushner

Even as the House Intelligence Committee’s investigation into Trump’s Russia scandal has dissolved into disaster due to the increasingly suspect behavior of chairman Devin Nunes, the Senate Intelligence Committee investigation into the same scandal continues to kick into high gear. Its own Trump-Russia hearings are set to begin with their first round on Thursday. In the meantime the Senate Committee continues to show it means business. According to the New York Times, the committee is now formally targeting Trump’s son in law Jared Kushner.


Kushner had previously acknowledged to having secretly met with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak at Trump Tower in New York. But now it’s been discovered that the process continued beyond that meeting, and concluded in Kushner ultimately meeting with the head of a Russian bank at Kislyak’s behest. As such the Senate Intelligence Committee has announced its intention to question Kushner over his role in the Trump-Russia scandal.


This may be crucial in light of the separate revelation this week from reporter Louise Mensch that Donald Trump and three former campaign advisers were named in an earlier FISA surveillance warrant which targeted two Russian banks for money laundering. One of those three advisers, Boris Epshteyn, abruptly resigned his White House job over the weekend.


It’s not yet clear what role Jared Kushner may have had in this Russian bank money laundering order which appeared to have directly involved his father in law Donald Trump. But as The NY Times now reports, it is clear that the Senate Intel Committee now intends to obtain those answers.

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