Posted by: maboulette | April 26, 2017

Was Boris Epshteyn Running Russian Counterintelligence Op from the Trump White House?

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One month ago Boris Epshteyn resigned quietly from a high ranking position in Trump’s White House, at the end of a week which had seen Congressman Devin Nunes trying to alert Trump that someone from the transition team had been caught on surveillance. It’s led to a number of questions about why Epshteyn suddenly bolted. Now comes a report that declares Epshteyn was caught running a Russian counterintelligence operation within the White House.


The Intel community source belongs to Claude Taylor, a veteran of the Bill Clinton administration. The allegation is that Boris Epshteyn had been demanding raw data from the National Security Council in order to carry out a mole hunt on behalf of Russian counterintelligence, meaning an agency such as the FSB or GRU. If this proves correct, it would tie together a number of lingering questions about Epshteyn’s role in the ongoing Trump-Russia saga.


For instance it’s widely suspected, though never confirmed, that Boris Epshteyn is the infamous “Source E” in former MI6 agent Christopher Steele’s Trump-Russia dossier. Much of the dossier itself has been confirmed since first leaked out. Source E is alleged to have set up Donald Trump with Russian prostitutes for the purpose of allowing the Kremlin to blackmail him, which in turn would mean that Source E was a Russian agent all along.


Epshteyn never had a role that was clearly defined in the Trump campaign, leading to this question; why he was really there. He was regularly used as a campaign surrogate on television, in spite of being so ill suited at it that other pundits would make fun of his ineptness to his face. He had listed himself as a “Senior Adviser” to the Trump campaign on his own social media pages, in spite of seemingly not being in charge of anything. And he was one of the very few public faces of the Trump campaign who went on to also become a member of the transition team and a member of the Trump White House team.


Earlier this month, other intel sources stated that Epshteyn had been caught on surveillance debating a plan to court Russian election collusion, along with Paul Manafort and Carter Page. There is also the fact that Epshteyn went off the grid for three key days in August which saw the Trump campaign allegedly wrapped up in everything from secret meetings to Russian hackers. And as was pointed out by reporter DeAnn Smith today, Epshteyn quit the White House just one day after FBI Director James Comey had visited the White House. This in turn was just a few days after the Devin Nunes meltdown about surveillance on a transition team that Epshteyn had been on.


The essential question is whether or not Boris Epshteyn, who was born in the Soviet Union, has been a Russian counterintelligence agent all along. Is there publicly available proof of this? Absolutely not. But there is more than enough circumstantial evidence, together with a growing list of claims from various sources, to merit asking the question of whether or not Boris is Russian FSB. 

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