Posted by: maboulette | April 25, 2017

Pal Vows To Spill the Beans on Trump and Everyone in White House If Bannon Gets Fired.


Steve Bannon already has one foot out the door of Trump’s White House, thanks to his removal from the National Security Council and his continued loss of power to Trump’s son in law Jared Kushner. But if Bannon is ejected entirely, one of his top allies is promising to spill the beans on Trump and, well, pretty much everyone involved.


The Daily Beast has documented a series of threats made by Mike Cernovich, the alt-right conspiracy theorist who created the phony PizzaGate scandal around Hillary Clinton, and has also tied to create a phony dispute around former Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice. As recently as a week ago, Cernovich was united with Trump’s White House. But now that fringe-right hero Steve Bannon is suddenly in danger of being fired, Cernovich has swiftly turned against the Trump regime.


Cernovich is vowing that if Bannon is fired, “You know what’s gonna happen? The motherlode. If Bannon is removed, there are gonna be divorces, because I know about the mistresses, the sugar babies, the drugs, the pill popping, the orgies. I know everything” . It’s not clear how Cernovich would have gotten this information, or if he’d be getting it from Bannon.


Based on Mike Cernovich’s history, it’s entirely possible he could merely be threatening to invent or mischaracterize phony “scandals” around Trump and his White House allies in the same manner in which he’s tried to dishonestly taint Clinton and Rice. But in the eyes of the alt-right, which makes up a significant portion of Trump’s base, the difference between real and fake scandals doesn’t seem to matter. If one of Trump’s own allies does begin accusing him and his associates of the above scandalous behaviors, it would create further scandal for Trump at the worst possible time. And that’s before getting to whatever retribution Bannon himself might seek on Trump


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