Posted by: maboulette | April 24, 2017

Foreign Intel Has Incriminating Recordings of Multiple Members of Donald Trump Family

Trump kids

Nine days ago the news told the story of an intel community source claiming that multiple foreign nations caught Trump’s kids committing crimes and have turned over the recordings to the Feds. Now today comes some additional context to support that allegation.


The original claim came from Claude Taylor, formerly of the Bill Clinton White House, whose sources have a consistent history of being ultimately proven correct. Now he’s addressing the matter again. “Just talked to my favorite foreign [diplomatic] source,” he says. The message from the source: “My government has recordings of more than one Trump”. So which Trumps have been nailed?


We can rule out the little kid Barron Trump, and Tiffany Trump, who’s not linked with Trump’s businesses. That leaves Ivanka, Donald Jr, and Eric. The earlier story of Ivanka Trump’s involvement in Donald’s phony hotel in Azerbaijan, is little more than a money laundering front.  Then was the story of Eric Trump’s involvement in the recent opening of his father’s golf course in Dubai, which appears to have been tied to the military raid in Yemen. Then there’s Donald Trump Jr, who has bragged on Twitter about his business trips to Russia dating back to 2008. And one might also want to consider Ivanka’s husband Jared Kushner, who is deeply involved in Donald’s dealings, and while he’s not a Trump, he’s a Trump in-law.


So take your pick as to which of the Trumps have been caught on tape. The FBI has damning evidence on not just Donald Trump, but the Trump family. 

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