Posted by: maboulette | April 23, 2017

Alex Jones Asks for Mistrial

Alex Jones

On Friday, the 5th day of the Alex Jones custody  trial begin rather dramatically as attorneys for the Infowars founder asked for a mistrial over a video from the Joe Rogan radio show that was shown during the hearing the previous day. 


This motion was denied by Judge Orlinda Naranjo, as was one for a mistrial made by Jones’ attorneys after the video was originally aired. 


Alex Jones is the leading conspiracy theorist on the internet who believes that the government was involved in 9-11 and Sandy Hook elementary school shooting was just a bunch of actors following a script. 


The video involved in this trial is one where Jones is seen discussing the infamous Access Hollywood tape of Donald Trump talking about how he non-consensually grabs women “by the pussy”, during which Jones dismissed the controversy.  Jones attorneys said the clip was edited and did not show a portion either before or after in which Jones’ reportedly disavowed the eventual president’s comments.  This clip was erroneously played in court, though it ran for some time before either legal teams noticed.  By that time Jones was enraged and a recess was called.  The defense team had meant to air a clip from the same episode in which Jones can be seen smoking marijuana live on –air as part of their evidence against him in the custody battle. 


On Thursday Judge Naranjo said she “has made it very clear his political beliefs are not relevant”, though the trial has been typified by an inability by Naranjo to clearly define which Infowars videos were protected and which should be allowed as part of his defense.  The use of videos from Infowars has been plagued by technical difficulties and a failure of Kelly Jones’ attorneys to get particularly damaging videos admitted into court. 


Jones has maintained that his bombastic on-air persona does not reflect how he is with his children, though on Thursday he also stated that “I’m kind and gentle 95% of the time (on Infowars) and with my kids, I’m kind and gentle 99.9% of the time.”


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