Posted by: maboulette | April 19, 2017

Rudy Giuliani Wants To Flip On Donald Trump, but FBI Doesn’t Need Him to Make the Case

rudy giuliani

We’ve seen weeks of headlines pointing to Rudy Giuliani coming under increasing legal fire for his antics with imprisoned alleged criminal Reza Zarrab, who has financial connections to Donald Trump. Now comes word from two steadily accurate sources that Giuliani is looking to make a deal with the FBI, but that James Comey doesn’t want or need Giuliani’s cooperation in order to move forward.


First came word from former Bill Clinton White House staffer Claude Taylor, whose inside sources have tended to prove correct. He tweeted today that “Just spoke to a New York source and Rudy Giuliani is in legal jeopardy and is desperate to make a deal but James Comey is having none of it” (link). Then came confirmation from Jester, an online political pundit who also has a strong track record of calling these things correctly: “Rudy ‘Cyberman’ Giuliani is apparently in a legal quagmire and is desperate to ‘make a deal’. Comey isn’t interested” (link). This tells us quite a bit about just how far the FBI’s case against Trump and his associates has progressed.


Zarrab is currently sitting in a prison cell in the United States, awaiting trial on charges of criminal corruption. Zarrab operated his alleged criminal empire out of Donald Trump’s building in Istanbul, suggesting a financial connection between Trump and Zarrab’s crimes.


Rudy Giuliani’s involvement in the Donald Trump campaign is well documented. But two weeks ago, after Zarrab hired Giuliani’s law firm to represent him in his criminal trial, a judge began asking just what Giuliani’s role truly is with Zarrab. Then came the revelation that Giuliani had tried to cut a deal behind the backs of prosecutors, and suddenly Rudy is up to his neck in legal problems.


So why wouldn’t James Comey want to cut a deal with Rudy Giuliani? For one thing, Giuliani appeared to have been instrumental in sabotaging the FBI during the election by leaking information he had obtained from one of its agents. So it’s unlikely Comey would be willing to give Giuliani any sort of leniency in his current legal troubles, unless his input was crucial to the overall case. And based on tonight’s parallel storyline that arrests in the Trump-Russia scandal could begin as soon as next week (link), the FBI appears to be far enough along that it simply doesn’t need Giuliani’s help.


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