Posted by: maboulette | April 17, 2017

New York Attorney General expected to bring RICO indictments in Donald Trump’s Russia scandal

NY Attorney General

New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman busted Trump’s fraudulent Trump University. He busted Trump’s phony charity. And he recently busted Trump’s favorite lender, Deutsche Bank, for Russian money laundering. But now, according to a source that’s proven to be consistently reliable, The New York AG is expected to bring RICO indictments in the Trump-Russia scandal.


Yesterday, two other reliable sources asserted that New York AG Schneiderman is looking to bring down the “entire three ring circus” and that FBI Director James Comey may begin making major arrests as soon as next week. That led to the question of just how Schneiderman and Comey are working together on this. Claude Taylor, a former member of Bill Clinton’s White House who has inside sources when it comes to the Trump-Russia investigation, chimed in to explain it thusly: “First round is from Comey’s investigation. But NY AG is hard at it with a separate follow on investigation-expect RICO indictments”. And that makes for a whole new ballgame.


RICO laws focus specifically on racketeering, which goes above and beyond the political scope of the Trump-Russia scandal. Even if the FBI is focused on the Trump campaign’s illegal Russian election collusion, it appears the State of New York is focused on the organized crime aspect. This provides context for the arrest two weeks ago of ten low level alleged mafia henchmen, whose crime family has ties to convicted Russian mafia figure Felix Sater, who in turn has financial ties to Donald Trump.


These kinds of goons are typically busted for the sake of getting them to flip on bigger fish. And so even as the FBI continues to pursue Donald Trump’s campaign advisers for their improper ties to Russia, it appears Trump’s home state of New York is moving in on him by going after his mafia associations.


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