Posted by: maboulette | April 9, 2017

Many Realize Too Late Sociopaths Don’t Have Friends

Devin Nunes

The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes stated Friday that he will be removing himself from his own committee’s investigation into Trump’s Russia scandal.  Two other House committees announced that they are investigating Nunes for improper actions he has taken during his own investigation.  This is certainly a fast fall considering that he has been a Congressman for 14 years.  His career is quite suddenly ruined.  But he is far from the first person to realize a bit too late that people like Trump don’t really have friends.


Just take a look at Trump’s relative brief history in politics.  Here is a small list of Trump’s own loyal political allies that he has either:

  • Fired;
  • Demoted;
  • Nudged into resignation;
  • Failed to give an expected job to;
  • Suckered or scapegoated.

This usually happens to suit Trump’s own interest at the time.  List includes:

  • Corey Lewandowski;
  • Paul Manafort;
  • Newt Gingrich;
  • Michael Flynn;
  • Katrina Pierson;
  • Chris Christie;
  • Carter Page;
  • Rudy Giuliani;
  • Mitt Romney.

And most recently, he demoted Steve Bannon.


This is only the short list of some of the most conspicuous names of those who were loyal to Trump and his political desires, and thought they were his friend, and who ended up in a ditch because of it.  Some of the people named are still clinging to jobs that are less than they thought were coming, because they believe Mr. Con Man  is eventually going to come through for them.


So while Nunes is a little bit of an idiot in his own right that much was not necessary for his downfall.  Some of the people listed above as Trump’s loyal victims are quite intelligent  Some of them are also savvy enough to have survived in politics for decades before entering Trump’s area and he simply destroyed them.  Even Nunes had been hanging in there in Congress very slowly moving up the ranks since 2003, until he was conned into joining Trump’s transition team so he could be used to mismanage the expected Russia investigation.  So now – voila – Nunes is suddenly so washed up he will probably get primaried out of his seat by someone from his own party before he can even get to the midterm general election.


All it takes to get wrecked by Trump is to be ambitiously innocent enough to believe him when he says he’ll take care of you if you lay down and let the bus roll over you. His loyal allies all know he’s lying every time he opens his mouth, but they’re just that frantic to believe what he’s encouraging them to do. Nunes is just the latest career on that scrapheap.

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