Posted by: maboulette | April 8, 2017

Syria Attack Could Have Been a Huge Conflict Of Interest

missle attack

Trump’s financial affairs have been the emphasis of constant debate since he took office. He stated he was putting all his assets in a “blind trust” which was later revealed not to be one. He has been also accused of using the presidency to enhance his hotels. But we’ve now reached the stage where Trump has ordered military action which has given financial benefit to a company that he retains stock in.


Thursday night Trump fired fifty-nine Tomahawk missiles at a Syrian air base. But according to the Washington Post, they were a poor choice of weapon under the situation, due to the fact that Russia has S-400 surface to air defense technology in place in Syria which could have shot them down. Additionally, Reuters is reporting that the Syrian air base was barely harmed  and is back to operative capacity today, because the Tomahawks were aimed at the least important targets on the base.


This could mean that Trump went with the wrong weapon when he ordered the Tomahawk attack (his military generals would have explained this to him), and he used the missiles only to put on a show for TV viewers at home, rather than doing any real damage that was put the airbase out of working order. In other words Trump just sent a bunch of Tomahawk missiles on fire which, according to a recent Defense Department report, may have been worth as much as $93.8 million in total. Why would he do this? Well, he own shares of stock in the company that makes the Tomahawks.


Tomahawk missiles are made by Raytheon Inc., and according to a report from Business Insider, Trump owned stock in Raytheon up through at least the beginning of the presidential election cycle. There is no record that he afterwards sold that stock. The Tomahawks that Trump just burned up will have to be replaced, which means he just handed close to a hundred million dollar payday to a company he owns stock in. And shares of Raytheon went up yesterday, meaning he’s directly benefiting from his Syria attack. And again, it appears the Tomahawks might not have been the best choice of weapons for this attack.  This is what is meant by a ‘conflict of interest’.

I am not saying that this is what happened – but this is what will others will say almost every time this president does anything.  He should have sold all of his assets that were in stocks.

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