Posted by: maboulette | April 6, 2017

Is Ivanka’s New White House Post Ethical and Legal?

Ivanka Trump

Change of plans over the past week for first daughter Ivanka Trump’s role in the White House has now come into more examination.  First, she was to have:

  • Office in the West Wing;
  • Security clearance;
  • Government communications devices;
  • Retain status as informal adviser to the president.

Yet she was not going to become an official White House employee.  Well, that’s all changed as now she has been appointed an employee without pay.


After pressure from watchdogs who had questions about the ethics of the arrangement, Ivanka announced that she would change and instead become an unpaid government employee and an official assistant to her father.  Now this move to become an official government employee eases some concerns, but this new role still faces legal challenges and ethical problems.


To illuminate those challenges, we should perhaps ask a slightly different question: Not can she do this? – it should be – Can he? Can Trump continue to just do what he wants? He has taken out Climate Change regulations, and equal right for women?  How do potential business conflicts and issues of nepotism factor into Ivanka’s new role?  How do they factor into the way Trump is running the Oval Office? 


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