Posted by: maboulette | April 5, 2017

Former GOP Chairman Says Trump Is Doomed To Failure

Trump and Flynn

Now that the point has been reached where Trump’ own man Mike Flynn wants immunity in the exchange for testifying in the Trump’s Russia scandal – the question is whether things are at a point of no return.  To that end, the former chairman of the Republican Party is now saying that Trump will not finish his term and he is advising others to proceed under that assumption and also to plan accordingly.


West Wing Reports spoke with Michael Steele, who was the Chairman of the RNC from 2009 to 2011 and has since become an MSNBC commentator.  WWR then went on to tweet the following: 

Former chairman of RNC Steele told WWR at lunch that Trump will not finish his term; advises clients to bolster ties w/VP Pence

— West Wing Reports (@WestWingReport) March 31, 2017


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