Posted by: maboulette | April 4, 2017

Glenn Beck’s Views on Nepotism and Jared Kushner

Glenn Beck

In light of Jared Kushner’s unexpected arrival in Iraq on Monday, conservative commentator Glenn Beck expressed fears about President Trump’s son-in-law-turned-senior-adviser’s large role in the White House.


“This is professional nepotism,” Beck told Yahoo News in a Monday interview.


Kushner’s portfolio in the west wing of the White House has repeatedly expanded and now includes:


Beck remember his response when former President Clinton put then-first lady Hillary Clinton in charge of his administration’s task force on universal health care fairly quickly after his inauguration in 1993.

“I remember thinking, ‘I don’t know anything about the first lady. … This seems like nepotism,’” he said. “That wasn’t what we voted for.”

Beck now says “that looks like kindergarten” when compared with the associations with the family taking place inside the Trump administration.


It’s not just Kushner who’s raising red flags, but also Trump’s daughter Ivanka, who recently confirmed that she too would be taking a formal role, as an unpaid White House employee.

“It does bother me, especially as a conservative,” said Beck, adding, “[Trump’s] daughter is not a conservative.”

“What are her constitutional underpinnings?” he asked. “Where is she coming from? Where is Jared coming from?”


Beck questioned the qualifications of both, arguing the idea promoted by some — including Trump — that “maybe it’s time we run the country as a business.”

“No, it’s time we run the country as a legitimate country,” he argued. “It’s not a business, it’s a constitutional republic.” (Plenty of people said this during the campaign – where was Beck then?)


As for the Trump administration, White House press secretary Sean Spicer batted down concerns over Kushner’s portfolio during his media briefing Monday.


“He has a team that he oversees,” Spicer said, attempting to dismiss the notion that Kushner might be taking on more than one man can handle. “There are lot of areas that he’s been working very diligently on behalf of the government, on behalf of the president’s agenda.”


In many ways, Kushner is as polarizing as the father-in-law he serves.  One of his friends, describes Kushner as “brilliant” and a “hard worker” who has a “unique mind”.  But another peer says “And he’s like a robot”.  Kushner’s views seem to be those of a Democrat and in fact he does come from a family of Democrats.

Actually, things must be really bad for President Trump when he can’t even get the support of Glenn Beck.


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