Posted by: maboulette | April 2, 2017

Ranking Member of Senate Finance Committee Ron Wyden Wants Trump’s Tax Returns

Ron Wyden

On the eve of the Senate Intelligence Committee hearings on Donald Trump’s Russia scandal, one member of that committee is formally and publicly asking two of his fellow committee members to join him in his effort to unearth Trump’s tax returns. Senator Ron Wyden, who sits on the Intel Committee and is also the ranking Democrat is leading that charge.


Wyden sent a public letter to the two ranking members of the Senate Intel Committee, Republican Richard Burr and Democrat Mark Warner, making the case for why they should support his efforts on the Finance Committee to uncover Trump’s taxes. This may sound too complicated, but Senate committees have differing purviews and often have overlapping members. Burr and Warner both happen to be on the Finance Committee in addition to the Intel Committee. Copy of Wyden’s letter is below:

letter financil committee.jpg

Unearthing Donald Trump’s tax returns will require the involvement of at least a few Republican Senators along with the Democratic Senators. So far at least some Republicans in the Senate have taken steps in formally supporting the Trump-Russia investigation. For instance Republican Chuck Grassley has joined Democrat Dianne Feinstein in pursuing some aspects, while Republican Lindsey Graham has aligned himself with Democrat Sheldon Whitehouse in pursuing others.

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