Posted by: maboulette | April 1, 2017

Nikolai Volkov Allegedly the 11th Notable Russian to Die During Trump-Russia Scandal


An official for the Russian Interior Ministry reportedly has been shot and killed in Moscow, which would make him the 11th notable Russian to die under suspicious conditions since the beginning of Trump’s Russia scandal.  Radio Free Europe reports that the Interfax news agency considers Nikolai Volkov was murdered. Russian state police are labeling it a robbery, but they have a history of falsely attributing political murders to non-political circumstances.


Volkov worked for Vladimir Putin but is not known to have any ties to President Trump. However his murder stands out in that 10 other prominent Russians have died since the Trump-Russia scandal began. Volkov’s death comes just five days after the murder of a fellow Russian political figure, Denis Voronenkov, who had fled to Ukraine (link) and who would have been a star witness if Ukraine succeeds in its effort at putting former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort on trial for his role in propping up Kremlin puppet Viktor Yanukovych.


This also comes only 7 days after a Russian dissident was forced from a 4th story window just as he was about to testify in a trial which would have cost Putin money (link). Incredibly, he survived.


The latest prominent dead Russian, Nikolai Volkov, is not to be confused with Yugoslavian-born Josip Peruzović, who performed as a popular pro wrestler in the United States under the fictional stage name “Nikolai Volkoff.” You can read more details about the real Volkov’s reported murder from Radio Free Europe (link). We’ve also previously published a roundup of the first nine prominent Russians who have died during Trump-Russia (link). Voronenkov was the tenth, and Volkov is apparently the eleventh. 


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