Posted by: maboulette | April 1, 2017

Boris Epshteyn Abruptly Resigns from White House

Boris Epshteyn 2

Boris Epshteyn, the Russian immigrant who played a visible role in Trump’s 2016 campaign and then went on to take a high ranking position  in Trump’s White House, has abruptly resigned without any reason. Epshteyn has had deep financial and business connections to his native Russia in recent years, and his sudden resignation – as reported by CNN – comes as the Trump Russia scandal is exploding in real time. 


Epshteyn was best known to the public as the comically inept Trump campaign stand-in who made a series of clumsy appearances on cable news networks. But behind the scenes, Boris – who was born in the Soviet Union and then immigrated to the United States in 1993 – was deeply involved with Russian financial interests. In 2013 he moderated a conference panel in New York City called “Invest in Moscow” (source: Huffington Post) which created such a storm for the city that Mayor Bloomberg eventually denied its sponsorship of it. In the same timeframe, Boris appeared in a YouTube video (link) in which he offered the Russian government tips on how it could win over more American money. 


Donald Trump’s decision to give a major role to Boris was yet another instance of Trump loading up his campaign with people who had obvious ties to Russia. That list also included Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, Carter Page, and Michael Flynn. When it was later revealed that the FBI is investigating those four men in connection to the Trump-Russia election rigging conspiracy, Epshteyn’s name was nowhere to be found in those reports – leading some to assume that perhaps his Russian ties may have merely been incidental rather than criminal. But the timing of his abrupt resignation changes everything. 


Then pieces started falling into place to strongly suggest that Michael Flynn may have cut a deal with the FBI against Donald Trump (the committee denied this yesterday). And now that it suddenly appears Flynn may imminently reveal everything about the Trump-Russia scandal, the Trump White House has suddenly pushed Boris Epshteyn into resigning (link: CNN). That’s not coincidence; Boris was likely a major player in the scandal. Look for another shoe to drop on this imminently. 

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