Posted by: maboulette | March 31, 2017

After Devin Nunes Gives Him Wiretap Info, Donald Trump Is Suddenly Avoiding Mar-a-Lago


It could all very well just be a coincidence. It could be that after spending 7 weekends in a row at his Mar-a-Lago home in Florida, Trump suddenly just got tired of it. But in a Trump-Russia scandal were so many odd “coincidences” have later turned out to have been by design, it’s worth bearing in mind that Trump is suddenly dodging Mar-a-Lago after having been given classified info about Trump transition team eavesdropping, by his Congressional pal Devin Nunes.


Nunes’ story is that someone from the Trump transition team was picked up on secondary wiretap while speaking on the phone with some other person outside of the transition team who is (or was) under FISA warrant. It’s completely possible that the transition team member just happened to have randomly been at Mar-a-Lago when this happened. If you call some other person whose phone is being wiretapped, it doesn’t matter where you’re calling from; it only matters that you called their phone. This would not mean that Mar-a-Lago, or that any of the phones at Mar-a-Lago have been tapped. Nor would avoiding Mar-a-Lago increase the odds of protecting any of his own people from being picked up on future incidental wiretaps.


But Trump probably wouldn’t understand any these. He’s never appeared to have a grasp of how technical things work; for instance he asserted during the campaign that Bill Gates could shut down the internet, among other technology irrationalities. So while avoiding Mar-a-Lago would do nothing to keep himself or his staff from being picked up on a phone wiretap of some outside FISA target, Trump probably wouldn’t comprehend that. It’s equally possible that Devin Nunes, whose repeated attempts at explaining the wiretap evidence to reporters were essentially gibberish, wouldn’t understand that either.


Trump is suddenly at one of his other golf courses in Virginia this weekend (source: The Independent). He claims he’s there for “meetings” but until this week his public position had long been that it was easiest for him to hold meetings at Mar-a-Lago. And as Palmer Report has previously reported, those political meetings at this resort tend not to even happen, and are just fake excuses to go play golf. So there is no professional reason why Trump suddenly changed golf courses this weekend, after seven weekends in a row at Mar-a-Lago.


Again, a sequence of events isn’t evidence that one caused the other. And even if Trump thinks Mar-a-Lago is under wiretap, it almost certainly isn’t. All we know is that Nunes altered Trump to a supposed incidental wiretap collection of one of his coown people, and suddenly Trump is dodging his own “southern White House” that he’s been spending every weekend at for the bulk of his presidency. This is merely something to watch for as other shoes drop. For instance, will Trump avoid Mar-a-Lago again next week?

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