Posted by: maboulette | March 23, 2017

Calling President Trump Out for What He Really Is

Trump and Bible

President Trump made a great effort to attract the evangelical Christian community, and he seemed to have succeeded. But it appears that any evidence only submits that he is really an atheist.


Here is why:

  1. He showed undeniably no knowledge of the Bible.
  2. When he went to the National Day of Prayer all he could talk about was his former TV show.
  3. He has not attended worship since he has been in the White House nor has he attended services in Florida.
  4. But most obviously he does not believe in Heaven or a final judgment as described in the New Testament as his budget is a complete attack on all the things that Jesus suggested will get you into heaven.


Martin Luther, the German Luther of the reformation, said that atheists were often closer to God than those who profess faith. So this is not suggesting anything negative about being an atheist. This is merely a suggesting that one who has pretended to be such a devout Christian as Trump, needs to be called out for what he really is.

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  1. Plain & simple, regardless of religion or any belief in God etc., The FACT remains this so called human being, TRUMP, and what he stands for, along with his selected GOP candidates, are evil, self-serving, liars, uncaring money whores. America will be destroyed if WE THE PEOPLE allow them to continue destroying Our AMERICA 👊 The RESISTANCE 👊 is non-stoppable 👊 we are United as One 👊

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