Posted by: maboulette | March 17, 2017

Trump’s Border Wall Is Happening, but He’s Taking Texans’ Land for It


It has already been reported that many West Texans are opposed to President Trump’s anticipated U.S.-Mexico border wall, but now it sees that one group with a mostly strong reason to dislike it — individuals who own land that the government might desire for building that wall — are in danger of having their property seized from them.


Maria Flores, a Texas woman who along with her siblings co-owns 1.2 acres near the town of Los Ebanos, received a letter in the week before Trump’s inauguration stating that the government would grab her land using eminent domain.


Flores was offered $2,900 for the land, the same amount that was offered when President George W. Bush’s administration attempted to seize their land to build a wall more than a decade ago. The Bush administration eventually had to abandon their efforts due to a U.S.-Mexico treaty that forbids building structures in the Texas floodplain that could result in flooding of nearby communities. However, the Department of Homeland Security successfully lobbied to the International Boundary and Water Commission (which manages the treaty) to build a wall in the floodplain in 2012, setting an example that could be used against Flores.


So Trump’s wall is being paid for by the American voters with land that will be basically stolen from people who own land along the path of the wall while cutting the budget for women and the poor.  Wow, what a great deal! 

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