Posted by: maboulette | March 10, 2017

Jeff Sessions Trump-Russia Press Conference: Either He’s Senile Or Pretending To Be


Is Jeff Sessions senile, or is he insultingly just pretending to be senile now that he’s been caught red handed in the Trump-Russia scandal? Only a medical doctor can make that call. But reasonably speaking, it sure looks to be one or the other. After recusing himself from the investigation, Sessions held a press conference for no apparent reason and it was as disturbing as it was distressing


Jeff Sessions claimed that he was too quick to answer the question from Senator Al Franken about what he would do as Attorney General about any Trump campaign contacts with Russia, and that he should have answered more slowly. But Sessions didn’t even answer Franken’s question. He leaped straight to declaring that he himself hadn’t had any campaign contact with the Russians, even though he hadn’t been asked about that. Sessions perjured himself for no reason – and now he’s claiming that it’s because he had an impossible level of misinterpretation of a simple question.


Sessions claims that he can’t recall who else was in the room during his meeting with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak during the Republican Convention. He says there were two or maybe three Trump staffers with him; he’s not sure. This would have been one the most crucial secret meetings of Jeff Sessions’ life, and yet he is unable to recall whether two or three people came with him to the meeting? People forget things. But people don’t forget simple basic things that important when they only happened six months ago.


Jeff Sessions’ haunting press conference painted a picture of a man with severely diminished brain function, either because he’s senile, or because he wants us to think he’s senile so he can get off the hook. The former would be disturbing and would suggest he may indeed be an unwitting pawn in all of this. The latter would be disgustingly callous, and an insult to those who legitimately suffer from senility or dementia.


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