Posted by: maboulette | March 9, 2017

Does Trump Have Mental Problems or is the White House Just Too Much for him?


There are now so many strange and embarrassing narratives leaping from Trump’s brain that at times it is really hard to determine what’s meant to be a distraction from what. And no one knows what Trump is thinking when he goes off on Twitter.


It is clear that Trump is worrying about his Russia scandal  as more and more keeps coming out plus people allegedly connected in some way are dropping dead in New York and Moscow. But the decision to put the blame on ‘Obama for the Trump Tower wiretap’ is strange since that incident is obviously Russia-connected.  So it might actually had been an effort to distract from a humiliating incident concerning two top advisers and Air Force One that took place last Thursday.


After Trump got the news that Attorney General Sessions would recuse himself in any investigation concerning the Trump-Russia scandal, Trump went off on his White House top senior staffers. Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, who influences Trump the most and Chief of Staff Priebus, who tries to keep Trump on track, were both caught in the blast.


There are two differing stories as to what happened next. One is that after the blow-up both Bannon and Priebus had the feeling that Trump would prefer they not go on the flight to Mar-a-Lago scheduled minutes later, so they begged off.


The other is that Trump kicked them of the flight. But no matter what happen, they were both left off a flight they had been listed on (Bannon later flew down to Mar-a-Lago alone). Whether Trump scared his top advisers away from him, or he was perhaps punishing them, it’s an awkward enough occurrence that Trump might have understood that the story shouldn’t leak and become page one news.


With his poorly staffed and chaotic White House it was predictable that word of the Friday afternoon incident would leak out – and it did.  By 6 am the next morning, Trump was on twitter with his explosive accusations about President Obama. It was based on a phony Breitbart news story already in circulation over the internet, and while Trump may have believed it and been enraged by it, he seems to have timed his Twitter rant to drown out the news of his splintering relations with Bannon and Priebus.

When are the Republicans going to get tired of all of this and start thinking about impeachment?  Because as each day goes by it is obvious Trump can’t handle the White House.



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