Posted by: maboulette | March 6, 2017

Andrey Artemenko Claims His Trump-Russia Co-Conspirator Alex Oronov Was Killed


The bodies keep dropping in and around Donald Trump’s Russia scandal, with two Russian Intel officers dying under suspicious circumstances in Moscow and two Russian diplomats dropped dead in New York, among others. But for the first time, one of the known conspirators in the Trump-Russia scandal is claiming that his co-conspirator is dead as a result of his involvement becoming public knowledge.


Andrey Artemenko (alternately translated as Andrii Artemenko and Andriy Artemenko) is a Ukrainian politician Kremlin-controlled who is currently facing potential treason charges in Ukraine for his role in the Trump-Russia scandal. Artemenko conspired with Donald Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen and Trump’s mafia connected former business associate Felix Sater to craft a plot that tangled Trump blackmailing the Ukrainian president out of power and installing Artemenko in his place. The meeting was first arranged by Cohen’s brother’s father-in-law, Ukrainian businessman Alex Oronov — who just dropped dead. And Artemenko insists Oronov death is because of the Trump-Russia scandal.


Alex Oronov is definitely dead. Palmer Report found his announcement for a memorial service in New York. It has also been confirmed that he lived in a Donald Trump-owned building in Hollywood, Florida. Andrey Artemenko made a long, rambling and angry Russian-language Facebook post where he asserts that Oronov is dead because the New York Times recently outed the Ukraine blackmail plot and its participants.


Artemenko doesn’t state Oronov’s cause of death.  Nor does he accuse anyone by name of killing Oronov. But he’s the eighth person to drop dead during the Trump-Russia scandal who was either part of the conspiracy, or part of the effort to uncover the conspiracy, or a prominent member of the Russian government. Considering Vladimir Putin’s habit of killing his opponents, it feels like Artemenko is accusing Putin of murdering Oronov.


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