Posted by: maboulette | March 5, 2017

The Wiretapping of Trump’s Office in Trump Tower


Sat. morning Donald Trump publicly accused President Obama of wiretapping Trump’s offices at ‘Trump Tower’ prior to the election. Tweet after tweet was released. This is a claim that is just simply not true, as Obama would have had no say in such matters.  The Judicial Branch of the government makes all the decisions on granting FISA warrants for surveillance with the Judicial Branch also making decisions on FISA surveillance on U.S. citizens. There is a warrant that does appear to exist, and now Trump’s newly designated White House counsel has been found interfering in the matter.


It is not true that Obama wiretapped Trump, but there is evidence  that a federal judge did issue a FISA secret warrant to the FBI last October to listen in on Trump and his staff as well as Trump Tower itself. New White House Counsel Donald McGahn, hired to the position recently, spent most of his day trying to force the FBI to turn over a copy to the White House of this warrant.  That activity signifies a violation on White House Counsel McGahn’s part as it is not proper.  Not to mention the fact that if the FBI has an open investigation they are not going to provide any such information.


Trump’s White House is not only aggressively interfering in an investigation of the FBI/DOJ, which violates the sanctity of this process; it’s also interfering in an investigation of Trump himself. This signifies an even more unfitting breach than when ‘Chief of Staff’ Priebus last month  put pressure on the GOP members of Congress and the FBI to get the media off track concerning the Trump-Russia scandal. But it could get worse as this wiretapping meddling could make everything the FBI is investigating even worse.   Trump’s behavior makes it look as if he has something to hide.


WH counsel McGahn is trying to hinder the Judicial Branch’s role in the investigation of Trump-Russia scandal by trying force to acquire a copy of the FISA warrant that a judge issued in secret. No White House counsel and no president has power over the activities of the Judicial Branch, and any try at undermining these activities would be ‘unconstitutional’ and is a violation of the oath of office a president takes.  The New York Times is confirming that due to going after the warrant, McGahn is now a part of the conspiracy of Trump-Russia scandal.


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