Posted by: maboulette | March 5, 2017

Many Have Already Exited the Trump Administration – Are You Looking for a Job?


Donald Trump promised he would “drain the swamp” in Washington and find “the best people” for his own administration. Instead he’s found the worst people, and this time he is draining his own swamp during his brief term. There have been resignations, firings, and staffers escorted out of the White House after being flagged by the FBI. In total, over thirty people have already controversially exited the Donald Trump administration.

  1. Out like Flynn: The most prominent departure has been the resignation of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn after he was caught colluding with the Russian ambassador. But he’s just the beginning.
  2. Ben Carson’s top HUD advisor, Shermichael Singleton, was fired without Carson’s knowledge when it was discovered that he had previously criticized Donald Trump.
  3. National Security Council Senior Director Craig Deare was fired for making fun of Trump behind his back.
  4. Cory Louie, the chief information security officer for the White House’s Executive Office of the President, was fired and escorted out of the building weeks ago. Strangely, he hasn’t been heard from him since, and his LinkedIn page still lists him as having the job.
  5. Shortly before Michael Flynn resigned, the CIA purposely got his deputy Robin Townley fired by refusing security clearance.
  6. After just eight days on the job, a Muslim staffer resigned.
  7. Chris Christie was the head of the Trump White House transition team before being banished from whatever administration job he was supposed to have.
  8. Former CIA Director James Woolsey quit the Trump transition team, saying he no longer had a role.
  9. National Security Council spokesman Edward Price resigned due to Trump’s antics.

10-11. After AJ Delgado alleged that Jason Miller got her pregnant during an affair, he resigned from the White House Communications Director position he had just accepted two days earlier, and she also bailed from the Trump administration.

12-22. The Ten members of a Presidential Advisory Commission all simultaneously resigned, citing Trump’s racism as the reason.

23-29.  Weeks after they began working inside Trump’s White House, six of his staffers were all flagged by the FBI and escorted out of the building on the same day.

30-31. Trump fired acting Attorney General Sally Yates and the head of ICE on the same night. It later turned out Trump had fired Yates after she tried to warn him about Flynn’s connections to Russia.

It seems that when anyone advises the President and he doesn’t like the advise – out they go.  So, these appointments go back into the list of 1000 or so that President Trump still has to appoint.  If you are a Republican and have a good resume, send it to the White House and become a part of history (bad or good).




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