Posted by: maboulette | February 27, 2017

Oscar Night Was Great – Until the End


If you were watching the Oscars and turned the TV off after La La Land was announced – Surprise, lots happened after you stopped watching.


Someone had the wrong envelope and it was really Moonlight that won best picture – ‘oops my bad’.  La La Land people were already on stage and finishing up their thank you speeches when the mistake was discovered and there was a close up shown of the correct announcement in the red envelope.  MOONLIGHT – Warren Beatty announced the wrong one.  They tried to explain what happened but I was laughing too hard.

Why couldn’t something like this have happened on election night?


So for those of you who missed the last part of the show – MOONLIGHT really won.   At first I thought it was one of Jimmy Kimmel’s jokes.  Actually the show was one of the best ones I have seen – well, until the mix-up on the Best Picture!  Of course I blame it on Trump as I have blamed everything else lately.


Actually my opinion is that Manchester by the Sea was by far the best picture, maybe when I go to sleep it will change and they will have won.  I watched Manchester twice Saturday night since I have no life or anything else to do.  I highly recommend it as great movie for watching with husband, wife or significant other. (None of which I have but my companion cats watched with me). 

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