Posted by: maboulette | February 23, 2017

What is Donald Trump’s Real Problem?


Most people think that Trump’s problem is mental illness – but not me!  I just think that The President Donald is just not as smart as people think he is.


Now people who read this will say “but he’s a billionaire, how can he not be smart?”   Well, since he has hidden his income tax returns from the public perhaps he is not a billionaire or even a millionaire.  Maybe he has lots of properties but not a penny in cash?  Maybe all the cash he has is all owed to various banks, financial bodies, or individuals so his net worth is zero?  Maybe he has nothing and has been lying to the public?


Plus, if you read a little about Trump’s career, you will find that every time he got into a problem with any project (which was almost all the time) his daddy bailed him out.  And how much money did Trump and his siblings inherit when his parents were gone?  Maybe Trump hasn’t made a dime for himself but he inherited his billions or millions?  Maybe he has conned everyone – there are throughout history con artists who people believed were special when they weren’t.


I have lots of questions but I also believe that Russia and Putin have figured the answers out to these questions and are using this information to blackmail The Donald along with those videos they have of him.


So what is our new president really – he is just a good con artist and all of you who voted for him just fell for the con.


Oh yes, I know some are saying right now – she is just exaggerating – but Mr. President exaggerates and lies all the time. ALL THE TIME – everything he says is either a lie or gross over-exaggeration.


And, to those who voted for him – Donald is not in charge anymore – since most of his Cabinet is seated, Donald has lost all his power because his Cabinet and Department Heads are in-charge now.  And he and his supporters don’t even have the smarts to realize this.  Sad, sad situation!


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