Posted by: maboulette | February 20, 2017

Chaffetz Pursues Charges on Ex-Clinton Aide in Email Investigation


The GOP chairman of the House Oversight Committee Rep Chaffetz, who has been rejecting Democratic demands to scrutinize potential ‘conflicts of interest’ involving President Trump, and as an alternative is looking for criminal charges against a former State Department employee who aided in setting up Hillary Clinton’s private email server.


Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah sent a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Thursday asking him to organize a grand jury or charge Bryan Pagliano, the computer specialist who helped launch Clinton’s server while she was secretary of state.


Pagliano did not follow two subpoenas ordering him to appear before the oversight panel. The GOP-led committee later voted to hold him in contempt of Congress.


Earlier this month, Chaffetz met with Trump at the White House and agreed not to talk about oversight. He has banned calls for his panel to look into Trump’s businesses and probable conflicts of interests.


Chaffetz said in a statement that allowing Pagliano’s conduct “to go unaddressed would gravely harm Congress’ ability to conduct oversight.”  (Exactly how I feel about Trump).  If Chaffetz continues to harass the Clintons and does not examine the many conflicts of interest by President Donald Trump then I will do everything I can possibly do to fight against his re-election because he has not done his job.  It is sad that the majority of GOP members of Congress do not do their job.


Rep. Elijah Cummings of Maryland, the ranking Democrat on the committee, said hunting down and charging Pagliano would be a waste of money and time.


“Apparently, Chairman Chaffetz and President Trump are the only two people in Washington today who think we should still be investigating Secretary Clinton,” Cumming said in a statement. He added: “The Oversight Committee can’t afford to be distracted by political vendettas against Hillary Clinton while our constituents are begging us to conduct responsible oversight of President Trump.”


Pagliano refused to answer questions in 2015 from a House panel investigating the 2012 attacks in Benghazi, Libya. He later spoke to the FBI under immunity, telling the bureau there were no successful security breaches of the home-brew server, located at Clinton’s home in suburban New York City.


Pagliano said he was aware of many failed login attempts that he described as “brute force attacks.”  The email issue trailed Clinton’s candidacy for president, and Republicans were steadfast in focusing on her use of a private server for government business, with several high-profile hearings leading up to the election. Chaffetz and other Republicans cast Clinton as irresponsible with U.S. national security by insisting on using private communications systems at potentially greater risk of being penetrated by Chinese and Russian hackers.  But what about leaders in Congress who are doing the exact same thing now?  And what about Trump and his scandal with Russia?  So you have picked your fight to be the email server of Clinton instead of the Trump scandal over Russia?  I don’t know why I am surprised.


But Democrats insist the sole purpose of the Benghazi hearings — and a separate inquiry by Chaffetz — was to weaken Clinton’s presidential bid. She lost to Trump in spite of winning the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes.


FBI Director James Comey announced last July that the FBI was not recommending charges against Clinton in the email case, although he categorized her actions as “extremely careless,” a   remark that Democrats judged as needless editorializing.  Then, just 11 days before the Nov. 8 election, Comey advised Congress that new emails possibly connected to the case had been discovered and would need to be reviewed. A follow-up letter nine days later said the email review had done nothing to change the FBI’s original conclusion.  Many Democrats and Clinton herself have suggested that Comey’s actions so close to the election probable sunk her chances of winning.


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