Posted by: maboulette | February 19, 2017

What Lawmakers Are Going to Run Into During Week Recess


As Republican lawmakers prepare to leave Washington for a week-long congressional recess, liberal groups and Democratic Party organizers are hoping to make their homecoming as noisy and uncomfortable as possible.


But national organizers admit they are playing catch-up to a “dam-bursting level” of grass-roots activism that has bubbled up from street protests and the small groups that have swelled into crowds outside local congressional offices.


Protests against the Republican programs have become repetitive since President Trump took office, with momentum building through widely shared videos of lawmakers being confronted by constituents angry over efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Now, national groups see the recess as the chance to capitalize on that local activism, with a show of might aimed at declaring the arrival of a new, and sustainable, political force — barely three months after their humiliating defeat in November.


In email alerts, is assembling members to attend town-hall-style meetings across the country, and it has set up a website,, to help people find them. The site includes a guide to “health care recess messaging.” (“The best and most impactful questions are ones where someone shares their story about what the Affordable Care Act has meant to them or their family,” it instructs.)


Organizing for Action, the political non-profit group that grew out of former President Obama’s election campaign has created a “Recess Toolkit” with suggestions on how to effectively ask questions at the events. Last week, the group held an online seminar with members of Indivisible, the most prominent activist organization to appear in response to Mr. Trump’s election, to coach supporters on how to challenge lawmakers — in a “civil and respectful way” advised one policymaker, according to a recording of the session.


Planned Parenthood is hoping to flood the sessions with members in pink T-shirts, urging Congress to keep in place the health care law and the organization’s funding.


What voters are learning is that the GOP doesn’t have anything to replace Affordable Care Act with – and they certainly can’t deliver on the good aspects of this insurance that those who have it do not want to give up.  If they could do this – they would have done “repeal and replace” years ago.

This is just some of the activities planned for this coming week.



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