Posted by: maboulette | February 17, 2017

Senior U.S. Intel Official Predicts Trump Will Go To Jail for Russian Treason


Over the past week it’s become clear that the United States intelligence community is determined on exposing every last detail of Donald Trump’s election collusion with Russia, and that it’s willing to leak whatever evidence it finds directly to the media in order to make sure Trump can’t repress it. These leaks have taken down Michael Flynn, and more dominoes are in the process of falling. Now one senior U.S. Intel official is unquestionably forecasting that this will end with Trump going to prison.


Last night’s latest revelation, that four of Trump’s top campaign advisers plotted with Russian intel officials during the election, appears to have rupture the dam wide open. Trump fired back this morning with an ill-advised Twitter post about how those leaking the details of his Russian collusion were “un-American” for doing so. Hours later, John Schindler, a national security columnist for The Observer, tweeted a charming response that he had just received privately from a senior U.S. Intel official.


Schindler tweeted that the senior U.S. Intel official had shared with him the prediction that Donald Trump “will die in jail.” This appeared to be a prediction based on what the Intel official knows about Trump’s treasonous crimes with regard to Russia, and not some kind of reciprocal threat. But Schinder’s tweet helps to underscore just how thoroughly the Intel community believes Trump is guilty of treason with Russia, and its confidence in eventually being able to prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt – which is what would be required for Trump to end up impeached and imprisoned for it.


This comes less than a day after the New York Times reported that four of Trump’s campaign advisors, including Michael Flynn, had been caught by the U.S. Intel community colluding with Russian intel officials during the election. It may now simply be a matter of which of the four flips on Trump first.


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