Posted by: maboulette | February 17, 2017

Rumor Is That Staff of the White House Hold Midnight Meeting to Plot around Trump


It sounds like the kind of scene one only finds in a real bad spy novel purchased at an airport gift shop and swiftly discarded once the flight is finished. But the frantic, chaotic, undercover indiscretions now leaking out of Trump’s White House have reached the point where his flight may soon be finished — as staffers reveal to major newspapers that they’re resorting to holding secret midnight meetings to plot around him and his remaining loyalists.


The plot goes like this: unnamed White House staffers nervously meeting at a bar down the street from their workplace in the middle of the night trying to figure out how to work around and survive a defective presidency. The erratic Oval Office occupant and his loyal minions have reached the point of paranoia, such that the staffers at the secret meeting are discussing eliminating their own social media pages of anything they might have ever said about Trump that could now be understood or misinterpreted as a lack of personal loyalty to him. After all, White House employees are getting fired, being escorted out of the building, and – in at least one instance – disappearing.


The White House staffers have already confirmed to use encrypted communication methods for communicating with each other – not for fear that foreign or domestic enemies might intercept them, but for fear that Trump and his personal confidants might be listening in on them trying to figure out who’s been leaking all of the embarrassing details about Trump to the newspapers.


And yet, all this despite sounding like a rejected script for Washington DC espionage thriller, is nevertheless the current scene in and around the Trump White House – just weeks into its unstable existence. More than a week ago the guy in charge of making sure Trump’s own computing devices don’t get hacked was fired and escorted out, and best anyone can tell, the guy has since vanished. Why was he fired? Where did he go? Why isn’t he talking?   No one can find him.


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