Posted by: maboulette | February 16, 2017

Trump Running for Re-Election in 2020


Just a message that I thought most of you might want to know about.  President Trump has filed papers to run for President in 2020.  And will start making campaign appearances as soon as next week.  What is even funnier is he did all of this before he took the oath of office for the first term.


“President Donald Trump has moved to copyright the slogan he said would be the theme of his 2020 re-election campaign, “Keep America Great.”

According to The Washington Times, Trump’s legal team filed paperwork with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office last Wednesday, two days before he was sworn into office as the nation’s 45th president.


This was on the ABC Nightly News and I actually fell out of my chair.  OMG, this man has only been president for 21 days, with one scandal a day, and he is already running for re-election.   If you believe that perhaps I am crazy – then type into Google –Trump files papers to run for president in 2020.  You will get 492,000 links – and you will find that I have not lost my mind yet.




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