Posted by: maboulette | February 15, 2017

It Is Time for the GOP to Stand Up and Demand Congress Investigate President Trump


Putting money and party before country is treason – we need to see President Trump’s tax returns because a lot of questions can be answered with those returns.


It is time for the Republicans to stand up and stop putting party and lower taxes for the 1% before country.  I and more like me are growing to feel this way daily as more information is being leaked on Trump and his administration. 


In my opinion, someone is going to bring Trump down – whether it is his own party, Russia and Putin or an insider – it is important we the American public know what our new President is doing while he is in public office and living in the White House.


In business, it doesn’t matter who you lie too or screw in a business deal.  But being the leader of the free world is different.  You cannot lie to the American people time and time again and believe you will continue to get away with bad decisions.  Being President of the United States is different than being CEO of Trump Enterprises. As far as the American people know, Trump is still receiving money from businesses in foreign countries and is a violation of the Emolument Clause in the Constitution; the same Constitution President Trump took an oath to “protect and defend”.  We need to know the extent of his conflict of interest.


If you feel the same way – call your senators and representatives and tell them how you feel and also tell them they need to do their job.  And let the House Committee on Ethics know the same thing. These people all work for us – we are their employers and we want them to do their job.


Also speak up and let your family and friends know how you feel.  You may find out they have been feeling the same way.  There is something wrong with the current administration and something needs to be done.  It started back during the election campaign – so don’t say I have not given President Trump a chance.


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