Posted by: maboulette | February 15, 2017

‘Dark Cloud’ Of Russia That Hangs Over Trump’s Administration


It will never end – Trump is again entangled in hullabaloo all connected to Russia.


National security adviser, Michael Flynn is finally out, when caught by intelligence agencies speaking with the Ambassador from Russian about U.S. sanctions and then lying to everyone about this interaction.   This is the latest chapter in over a months-long story in which Trump just hasn’t been able to get free from the shadow of the United States’ longtime rival.


This is not going away for President Trump – he talked his away out of a lot during the election season but it is all coming back to bite him now..


Two advisers left the campaign amidst questions about their ties to Moscow and the oligarchs that hold sway there. The FBI is searching ties between Trump associates and Russia, as is the Senate Intelligence Committee. The president himself has frequently praised Russia’s leader, Vladimir Putin, while he has long expressed a desire to build a Trump Tower in Moscow and boasted of how the Trump brand holds special appeal for Russian investors.  (This is a conflict of interest – but Trump said he could do.  But when a person lies about everything – the 70 year old brain can’t keep up with what lie was told to whom.)


All of this overlapped with Russia’s role in last year’s U.S. election, in which the Kremlin is accused by U.S. intelligence agencies of composing hacks that targeted Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and her top aides to weaken her campaign. FBI Director James B. Comey also last month briefed Trump on accusations that the Russians hold compromising videos about him, an unconfirmed claim found in a dossier written by a former British spy hired by Trump’s political opponents. Trump has rejected the claim as “fake news.”  Well, you just keep up with the “fake news” and “alternative facts” answers but those answers aren’t going to get you out of all this now.


Now this foreign power that allegedly hoped to help Mr. Tump gain power is in a position to undermine his grip on it, with Mr. Flynn’s departure lending new intensity and gravity to long- simmering questions about Trump and Russia.


Trump ruined Clinton’s campaign and now all of this is coming back to ruin his administration.  And many are having such fun watching this administration crash and burn.




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