Posted by: maboulette | February 12, 2017

There Is No Massive Voter Fraud in U.S. – Only Trump Claiming There Is


I am sick – absolutely sick of the President continuing to believe and talk about there being massive voter fraud in this country.  Yet, he nor anyone else can bring forward proof from any voting district, city or state to show massive voter fraud during the Presidential elections.  I maintained before and I still do – this is Donald Trump’s excuse for Hillary Clinton winning the popular vote by close to 3 million votes – and this is the only reason the White House doesn’t want to quit talking about this while having no proof as well as no investigation.


Investigations and recounts were called for after the recent Presidential election and not one state wanted to be investigated although you would think that the loser would have wanted the fraud to be investigated.  What I believe is that this President we now have in office has serious mental problems.


My daughter is registered to vote in two places in Texas but only votes at one – because Travis County in Texas has messy bookkeeping.  I have returned her voter card to Travis County that she gets at my address every year since she has moved to San Antonio – I didn’t return the card this year as it just seemed a waste of time.


My mother has been dead for 20 years and probably is still on the books as a voter in McCullough County.  But she doesn’t vote because in a small town like Brady, Texas if my mother showed up to vote I do believe it would have made the news that she not only rose from the dead but also walked 70 miles from Brownwood, Texas to Brady to vote and back again.  This would certainly be the true meaning of the word “miracle”. 


So, next election day if anyone see my mother walking between Brownwood and Brady, Texas to go vote please give her a ride and I would certainly appreciate a phone call as I would love to witness a miracle.  I would also love to hear my mother’s opinion on Donald Trump but I am almost sure it would be the same as mine.


President Trump you are a troubled man who needs some help – because with the popular vote in the last election, Hillary Clinton beat you by close to 3 million votes yet you are living in the White House and working in the Oval Office – why can’t you just accept the fact you won – Hillary has – I am the one still having problems with it!



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