Posted by: maboulette | February 11, 2017

Step One To Impeachment? Congressman’s Probe Targets Trump’s Conflicts Of Interest


New York Rep. Jerrold Nadler has made use of a vague legislative tool that would force a debate on the floor on President Trump’s possibly unconstitutional conflicts of interest—a move seen as an preliminary step toward impeachment.


Nadler, a Democrat, on Thursday “filed a ‘resolution of inquiry’ that amounts to the first legislative step toward impeachment,” wrote co-founder of Norman Solomon in an op-ed for Common Dreams.


A resolution of inquiry is “a relatively obscure parliamentary tactic used to force presidents and executive-branch agencies to share records with Congress. Under House practice, such a resolution must be debated and acted upon in committee or else it can be discharged to the House floor for consideration,” explains the Washington Post.


The resolution (pdf) filed by Nadler explicitly calls on the Department of Justice to provide “copies of any document, record, memo, correspondence, or other communication of the Department of Justice” related to any “criminal or counterintelligence” investigation into Trump, his White House, and his campaign. 


The Post reports that it also asks for documents pertaining to “any investment made by a foreign power or agent thereof in Trump’s businesses; Trump’s plans to distance himself from his business empire; and any Trump-related examination of federal conflict of interest laws or the emoluments clause of the Constitution.”


Nadler explained to the Post that the resolution will force Republicans “to vote, in effect, on whether or not to abdicate their responsibility to have oversight.”


While there is already a grassroots movement to impeach Trump—and support for impeachment is soaring, as a petition to impeach that has already garnered 800,0000 signatures shows—Democratic members of Congress have appeared reluctant to address impeachment. Bold moves such as Nadler’s resolution of inquiry may force them to take action.


In fact, supporters of Nadler’s resolution are urged to call their representatives to demand they vote in favor of it.

“Nadler has just put a big toe in the impeachment water,” as Solomon writes. “Yet no members of the House have taken the plunge to introduce an actual resolution for impeachment. They will have to be pushed.”

If you believe that our country has the wrong person in the Oval Office, call your representatives and advise them that “we the people” believe that Donald Trump is not fit to run our country.  You can share this article with other like-minded individuals.  If the phone lights on Capitol Hill light up enough perhaps we can make them understand that they work for us and they need to do their jobs.

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