Posted by: maboulette | February 9, 2017

Twitter Inc. Takes Legal Action in Court against Its Most Infamous User, Donald Trump


Donald Trump has made the decision that the most proficient way to get his lies straight to his followers is to simply avoid the media; the press might fact check him, and to just post his latest lies on Twitter each day. In spite of repeated calls for Trump to be banned or suspended from Twitter due to his continued abuse of the platform and its rules, something which has not happened to date. However, in an amazing development, Twitter Inc. has now taken legal action against Trump in court.


Twitter has joined nearly a hundred other tech companies including its social media rival Facebook, along with Apple, Google, and Microsoft, in filing an amicus brief in federal court meant at helping to shut down Donald Trump’s unconstitutional Muslim ban. The U.S. Court of Appeals is currently deciding whether to reinstate the ban, after a lower federal court momentarily struck it down in its entirety. The tech industry is almost consistently standing against Trump on this issue, with many of them trying to guard their own employees in the process.

Chicago Tribune

The legal maneuver, as documented by the Chicago Tribune and others, now raises the question of whether Donald Trump will start using Twitter to attack Twitter itself. If so, could Twitter Inc. be prompted to finally shut off his infamous @realdonaldtrump account? And if so, what would it do about his other, tamer @POTUS account? The concluding officially belongs to the presidency, rather than the president. While Trump’s use of Twitter to spread lies has caused harm, the argument can be made that the open nature of the platform allows the public to immediately and publicly push back against his lies, in effect fact checking him in real time.


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