Posted by: maboulette | February 6, 2017

Notes from Someone Who Knows How to Write Executive Orders


John Yoo, a former Justice Department attorney known for writing legal memorandums on enhanced interrogation tactics known as the Torture Memos, says President Donald Trump has gone too far in his use of executive power.


In a New York Times op-ed on Monday, Yoo argues that Trump’s use of executive power is worrisome (Boy, you can say that again).

“He should understand the Constitution’s grant of executive power,” Yoo wrote, referencing Alexander Hamilton, who co-wrote the Federalist Papers, a series of essays on the Constitution.

“He should share Hamilton’s vision of an energetic president leading the executive branch in a unified direction, rather than viewing the government as the enemy. He should realize that the Constitution channels the president toward protecting the nation from foreign threats, while cooperating with Congress on matters at home.”


Yoo said Trump, as commander in chief, does not have the constitutional power to order the building of a border wall, nor does he have the power to end trade deals negotiated by Congress, like the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).  Suggestion for Trump – perhaps you need to find out who is in charge of what before you do anything else. 


Yoo said that Trump’s executive order commanding a temporary ban on nationals from seven predominantly Muslim countries entering the United States “falls with the law,” but noted reports that Trump had originally sought a “Muslim ban.” Yoo said such an order would “violate the Constitution’s protection for freedom of religion or its prohibition on the state establishment of religion.”

“Had Mr. Trump taken advantage of the resources of the executive branch as a whole, not just a few White House adviser, he would not have rushed out an ill-conceived policy made vulnerable to judicial challenge,” he wrote.


Two weeks in Office President Trump and you have brought total chaos to Washington D.C.    Just a suggestion but perhaps you should have someone find out what you can do and those items that you have no control over. You don’t seem very smart so I have another suggestion – a president can not order anything he wants – that is the definition of a dictator and I am not sure you could even be a good dictator.


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