Posted by: maboulette | January 31, 2017

Is Trump Planning To Order IRS to End Its Audit of Him


With each passing day, Donald Trump’s behavior in the White House grows more dictatorial and erratic. And accordingly, increasing chunks of the federal government are now rebelling against him. That now apparently includes members of his own White House staff, who tweet his most embarrassing words and moments for all to see on a rogue account whose popularity grows by the day. Their latest insider tidbit:

Trump is “chomping at the bit” to bend the government to fix his corrupt personal finances.


Throughout the campaign, Trump claimed he couldn’t release his taxes because he was being audited. Not only was that a faulty excuse for not releasing his returns, not everyone even believed he was in fact being audited. But according to the @RoguePOTUSStaff account used for information leaks, not only is Trump indeed under audit, he’s planning to forcibly put an end to that audit — over the objections of his own White House Chief of Staff, who thinks it wouldn’t be a good idea.  It could also be another cause for impeachment actions.


“So far Priebus containing POTUS’s plan to order IRS to end audit,” the Rogue White House account announced, adding that it’s not clear how long Reince can hold him off: “POTUS chomping at the bit to wield power.”


It’s not clear why Trump would seek to end an audit into him which at this point would be unlikely to result in any punitive action against him, considering that he’s now the boss of the IRS. But it suggests that he’s just that eager to throw his weight around in any way he can.


Meanwhile, even as Americans continue to ask themselves if they can be 100% certain the anonymous White House Twitter account is indeed real, it was proven right on a claim it had made. It stated that Trump’s staff was forcing him to let Mike Pence sit in on the weekend’s phone call with Vladimir Putin; sure enough, press photos subsequently confirmed Pence was in the room during the call.


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