Posted by: maboulette | January 28, 2017

Trump Now Says He Can’t “Enjoy” Being President.


Here’s a surprise that would be stunning if it were coming from any White House occupant other than Donald Trump: the egomaniacal narcissist thinks he’s supposed to “enjoy” being president. Nevermind that presidents typically work exhausting twenty hour days, often have to resolve who lives or dies in war or emergency situations, and they usually leave office looking like they’ve aged twenty years; Trump thinks it’s all about him. And he’s angry that so many critics are ruining it for him.


This incredible revelation comes from a new Associated Press report which documents that, with so many Americans turning abruptly against him with dissents and the media willing to accurately report all the negative aspects of his troubled administration, Donald Trump has told a friend that he’s not been allowed to “enjoy” his brief time in the White House. What does he think the presidency is, a party? A victory lap?


Did Trump honestly think this would be a coronation and everyone would fall in love with him? Did he see how poorly Barack Obama’s critics treated him for eight years? Does Trump remember how poorly he treated Obama for eight years? Trump’s whining, which has gotten so raging so quickly that his own advisors are now leaking his private gripes to any reporter who will listen, confirms what most of us already knew: he never really wanted to be president. He wanted to win for competitive motives, but he never wanted the job. And now there’s only one way he can fix it.


It’s time for Donald Trump to resign. Right now. Today. Not only is it the best move for America, it’s also the best move for him, before the Russia scandal gets so painstakingly investigated that he risks ending up in prison over it. Just quit. Leave us with that corrupt bigoted extremist Mike Pence, who will be awful, but at least he’ll know how to act like a president.


Best of all for you, Donald, the controversy surrounding your near-immediate resignation of the presidency means you’ll have an even bigger platform for launching the Breitbart style TV news network you were planning to launch after you lost the election. Tell you what, if you resign now, we’ll even consider no longer digging into your Russian corruption. You get a free pass on Russia. In fact, go to Russia. They seem to like you better than we do anyway. And you seem to like what they have to offer.


Don’t worry about us, Donald. Your resignation will be such a setback to the Republican Party that Pence and the GOP Congress will have no political capital remaining, and they’ll be stuck keeping their heads down and waiting out the rest of the term. So you’ll get vengeance on them for having hauled you into this mess. And there are already millions of Americans wearing t-shirts saying things like “Donald Trump is Not My President”. Resign, and the joke’s on them.


So just resign already, Donald Trump. You’re an obese seventy year old and you’re in visibly poor health. You have a few years of quality of life left at most. Do you really want to spend them wearing the straitjacket known as the presidency? Walk away. We know you’re flat broke. You know what? We’ll even pay off your Russian debts. It’ll be less expensive than what you’ll cost us by remaining in office.


Just leave, Donald. You’re not enjoying the White House anyway. You just said so yourself.  And your wife and young son won’t even have to move to Washington D.C.


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