Posted by: maboulette | January 26, 2017

Stop Live Coverage of White House Press Conferences


Sign the petition to the TV media: Stop covering Trump administration events live, as it only lets them get away with lying. When the media fact-checks afterward, no one pays attention.

Over the weekend, White House press secretary Sean Spicer held a quick “press conference” where he lied about provable facts (e.g., Trump’s inauguration had “the largest audience” in history). Afterward, he wouldn’t take questions from reporters and was actually rather rude to them. 


When pressed about Spicer’s falsehoods, Trump administration official Kellyanne Conway made the claim that “alternate facts” (i.e., lies) should be considered by the media. And of course, Trump gets away with lying every single day as he repeats condemned conspiracy theories.


But CNN did something remarkable. They decided not to run Spicer’s “press conference” live, because a live broadcast would only give the Trump Administration license to spew lies without rebuttal.


The rest of the media must follow suit. If Trump and his aides are going to use press events to spread patently false information, those events should not be broadcast live. Instead, reporters should be given time to verify if what the Trump administration said is true.

During these dangerous times we need real facts—not easily debunkable falsehoods. Sign the petition to the media: Do not broadcast Trump events live.

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