Posted by: maboulette | January 21, 2017

Trump “Highly Likely” To Be Impeached Within 2 Years


Within only hours  after Donald Trump takes office, an expert in American politics has come forward to state her belief that the 45th president of the United States will not see the end of his first term.


In an interview with The Independent, University of Manchester professor Angelia Wilson made the  claim that due to the numerous scandals Trump has faced since starting his campaign, he has become a “liability” and an “embarrassment” to the Republican party, leaving  him “vulnerable to impeachment” within his first 2 years in office. (Most recently, Buzzfeed published a 35-page dossier which purported Trump had committed treason with Russia, among other things — claims the president  has denied and called “fake news.”)


“I think it is highly likely that he will be impeached in the first 12 to 18 months,” Wilson said. “Whether it will be about the Russia dossier or other scandals that are undoubtedly there, he has become a liability for the Republican party. At some point they will need to distance themselves from him in order to solidify reelection for the House.”


The professor went on to state that the decision to impeach Trump would ultimately come down to his policies (and relationship) with Russia.

“I cannot imagine the military leaders up for appointments are going to suddenly become friends with Russia, they are going to continue to hold a question mark over any attempt by Trump to create some kind of ‘special relationship’ with Putin,” she told The Independent.

“The crunch will come if Putin really does have some sort of blackmailing power over Trump,” she continued. “For now, the Christian right and Tea Party Republicans like Ted Cruz are getting to play a significant role in setting the political agenda, so they are not going to get rid of Trump in the short term.”

However, others who are experts in U.S. politics told The Independent that, while impeachment wasn’t out of the question, the Republican party will likely do whatever it can to give Trump a chance, due to the potential penalties and allegations of a party ousting its own candidate.

“He will be president for four years, period,” political science professor Terrence Casey said. “Unless he decides to go away, or is impeached, then you can’t get rid of him.”

From: Cosmopolitan



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