Posted by: maboulette | January 15, 2017

A New Study Just Changed EVERYTHING You Thought You Knew About Anne Frank


Sit down before you read this as this goes against everything you have been taught about Anne Frank and her family during the raise of Nazi Germany.  A new and recent study looking into the iconic diary changes everything we thought we knew about Anne Frank.  The end at least.

An investigation conducted by the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam has offered a new perspective into how the Nazis captured the Frank family. The research suggests the Sicherheitsdienst (or SD, German Security Service) may have stumbled upon the families in the Secret Annex by accident — not because someone betrayed them.


“This new study reveals that there was more going on at 263 Prinsengracht than just people being hidden in the Secret Annexe,” the Anne Frank House wrote in a statement on their website. “Illegal work and fraud with ration coupons was also taking place.” During the holocaust, Nazis severely limited Jews’ access to food and stores. They put them on a rationing system which led to Jewish households facing major food shortages and the printing of ration coupons. 

This lead to an investigation that ends with finding the Frank family hiding in the attic.


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