Posted by: maboulette | January 14, 2017

Trump Tweets Fake News Article to Defend Himself


Donald Trump found himself backed so badly into a corner on Tuesday evening by a series of volatile accusations concerning himself and Russian prostitutes and blackmail and secret meetings with Russian officials, all he could do was yell the words “fake news!” on Twitter, as his world closed in on him by the minute. But an hour later he finally worked up the nerve to tweet again, and this time he resorted to a tweet to a link for a news article that was in the name of protecting himself against his exploding Russian prostitute blackmail scandal.


At 8:19 pm, Donald Trump all but signaled surrender on the matter by unconvincingly tweeting “FAKE NEWS – A TOTAL POLITICAL WITCH HUNT!” And that seemed to be all that we might hear from him on the matter. But then he came back later to tweet a link to an article from a site called Lifezette, which accused the entire Russian prostitute scandal of being “fake news.” The trouble is, Lifezette itself is a conservative radical site which regularly posts fake and misleading information – and its run by Trump’s pal Laura Ingraham.


Never mind that Donald Trump’s Russian prostitute blackmail scandal was flushed out by everyone from CNN to BuzzFeed to Vanity Fair to Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein, who all reported on it in one form or another. In Donald Trump’s mind, everything that’s negative about him has to be “fake news” – no matter how real it may be. And that is the kind of self-denial, more than anything that may be the undoing of his presidency.


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