Posted by: maboulette | January 11, 2017

Trump Is Ousting The Guys In Charge Of U.S. Nuclear Weapons Security


It’s nothing personal against the head of the nuclear agency. Instead it’s part of a personal grudge against President Barack Obama and his administration. Donald Trump has decided to as quickly as possible to banish pretty much everyone in charge of everything, and while that kind of thing does tend to happen from one administration to the next, it’s only ever done in an orderly fashion. If the new president wants someone from the previous administration replaced, he waits until the replacement is ready to step into the job. But Trump is ousting everyone he can oust, including the nuclear guys, on day one – even though that will apparently leave no one in charge of our nuclear weapons cache.


The magnificent change, reported by Gizmodo, comes after Donald Trump has spent weeks tweeting about wanting more nuclear weapons trying to start a nuclear war in Asia. And now Trump wants to have no one in charge of keeping our nuclear weapons secure. Duck and cover.


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